Have u ever made a mistake that you end up wishing that you never did…..well I do an now it’s hurting me so bad…..well it started when I first mate the girl that im so in love with wen right now I still love her….everything was going great on till we came back from summer vacation..


That’s her…..
When we got back everything was going great for about two weeks then everything went wrong….I started to see this other girl because I though that  the girl I’m in love with was over with me…I know that I made the wrong choice and I hate my self for it everyday for it…some times I wish I could try back the hands of time,so that I can fix my mistakes. Im just 16 Yeats old but believe me love hurts but it’s a  good thing….just take my foolish advice if u find someone that you u love an ur getting back love please don’t let any one or anything break that love.

On she’s leaving an there’s nothing i can do to stop it..and believe me that’s not a good feeling tears are running down my face as I write this…don’t break q bond that you know that you can’t fix…

and I’m sorry